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Weren’t we supposed to be living in space by now?

Last year ruled. My band Chinese Burns Unit played and recorded some great tunes and gigs and I did some great art for some questionable but completely awesome folks.

I’m opening up this update with my Tin Tin tribute, strangely enough coinciding with the movie coming out. I am offering these as posters when I get around to publishing them. I’m sorry to anyone who thinks I’m hassling Penrith or think it’s a nice place…really sorry.

I was included in a sweet book called Metal and Hardcore Graphics, by Christian Campos through FKG…it’s a monster international coffee-table sized book full of great artists…I scored mine for $70 from Kinokuniya…big thanks to Murdoch Stafford for hooking me up with that one.

Has anyone been annoyed by these stupid family stickers that are appearing everywhere?…here’s my Manson family version…email me and I’ll send you the vector file and you can get one for your car.

Volcom have snaffled some images from me… this one is for the hallucinating office drones out there.

Did some sweet art for Summonus… brutal doom…or broom.

While I’m still in Black Sabbath Avenue, I did this art for Lomera … Sydney is certainly experiencing a very Sabbath new year.

Love this Spiderbaby t-shirt as well…

Tazer Torture… one for the the kids!

"Muerte", a Mexican inspired vision of the harbour. Another silver screenprint on black card. That’s some real art right there.

I heard some young Frenzal Rhomb fan got denied his cheeseburger when he went into a Mc Store wearing one of these little designs… waiting for the summons.